Free and Cheap Campsites in Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations in the world to explore by road. Well renowned for its scenic driving routes, a road trip in the land down under can take you to the worlds largest coral reefs, the oldest rainforest in the world, wide open deserts, majestic mountain ranges, vibrant cities and world famous beaches. Home to over 500 national parks, 60 marine parks, 10,000 beaches and 10 deserts, every minute of your campervan driving holiday in Australia will be a moment to remember.

The national parks system in Australia is highly regulated and well maintained. Parks authorities in all states provide excellent facilities for travellers to feel safe and comfortable. Almost every national park in Australia has camp sites and camp grounds offering scenic views. Most of these camping grounds in Australia are inside forests, on river banks or beside beaches which makes it perfect to discover real Australia.

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Generally campsites being maintained by state park authorities need to be pre booked to ensure occupancy and safety of travellers. Most of these campsites are free and those that charge a fee usually charge a small fee. To help you find the best campsites in Australia, we’ve create maps for four major states in Australia. Take a look.

Queensland (Brisbane and Cairns)

New South Wales (Sydney)

Victoria (Melbourne)

Tasmania (Hobart)

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