Australia on a Budget: Seasonal Road Trip Guide for Thrifty Travelers

With so many different experiences and destinations on offer, it can be hard to decide what season is best for a road trip in Australia.

With this guide you’ll have everything you need to decide when you should go for a motorhome holiday! From safety tips to budget-saving tricks and top destinations, we’ve got you covered.


How To Budget On A Summer Road Trip


How To Budget On A Summer Road Trip

From sunny beaches to vibrant local festivals, a summer holiday is the peak time for an energetic getaway!

When driving during summer, it’s important to remember:

  1. Use your motorhome’s air-conditioning.
  2. Take breaks, rest if needed, and stay hydrated
  3. Drive early in the day before the sun gets too hot, especially when traversing the hotter regions like Queensland’s outback.

To stretch your budget, you should:

  1. Use apps like WikiCamps to locate free or low-cost camping sites, and book well ahead of time.
  2. Cook your own meals using fresh ingredients from local markets.
  3. Use apps to find the best fuel deals along your route.

The best destinations in Australia to visit in summer include:

  1. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is famed for its stunning coastal views and iconic landmarks, such as the Twelve Apostles.
  2. Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is ideal for swimming and snorkelling in clear waters.
  3. The Eyre Peninsula in Western Australia is a prime spot for beach activities and exploring marine life in crystal clear waters.


How To Budget On An Autumn Road Trip


How To Budget On An Autumn Road Trip

As the summer heat subsides, the mild autumn days bring calm weather and quiet roads! Autumn in Australia transforms the landscape into a vivid display of colours and cooler temperatures, making it the perfect season for scenic drives.

When driving during autumn, remember:

  1. Be cautious of slippery roads covered with fallen leaves, especially after rain and on winding routes.
  2. Shorter days mean early sunsets and dark nights, so plan your driving when the sun is out.
  3. Prepare for all weather and pack some warm clothes.

For budget-conscious travellers, you can save by:

  1. Taking advantage of cheaper campsites during the shoulder season.
  2. Choosing local farmers’ markets for fresh, seasonal produce at cheaper prices.

The best destinations in Australia to visit in autumn include:

  1. The Blue Mountains in New South Wales are renowned for their stunning views and hiking trails.
  2. Barossa Valley in South Australia, which celebrates the harvest season with wine-tasting.
  3. Tasmania’s East Coast offers dramatic coastlines and the spectacular seasonal change of the Fagus in the high country.


How To Budget On A Winter Road Trip


How To Budget On A Winter Road Trip

Winter in Australia offers a unique and adventurous perspective for road trippers, far from just staying indoors. The season is filled with opportunities to explore frosty landscapes and activities such whale watching.

When driving during winter, remember:

  1. Keep yourselves warm and prepare for morning frost, especially in places like Tasmania where mornings can be particularly chilly.
  2. The sun sets early, so aim to do your driving during the day
  3. Slow down when you come across morning fog or frost.
  4. Watch for icy roads in mountainous or shady areas.

To lower your expenses, you can take advantage of:

  1. Lower costs on attractions, accommodations, and tours due to off-season pricing.
  2. Using your motorhome’s kitchen to cook warm meals – this will save on dining-out costs.

The best destinations in Australia to visit in winter include:

  1. The Snowy Mountains in NSW, for an iconic alpine experience – just be mindful of snow and road closures
  2. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, which offers dramatic ocean views and whale-watching opportunities.
  3. Port Douglas in Queensland, where warm weather provides a summer-like getaway during the winter months.


How To Budget On A Spring Road Trip


How To Budget On A Spring Road Trip

As the weather warms, the landscape bursts with blooming flowers and active wildlife! You’ll find plenty of stunning sights, and you won’t have to compete with the congestion of high-season crowds.

Whilst driving in spring, be mindful of:

  1. Increased wildlife activity, particularly during dawn and dusk when animals are most active.
  2. Allergies, if you’re pollen-adverse, then carrying antihistamines is advisable on your nature hikes.
  3. Rainy weather, bring a raincoat and slow down on the roads.

For budget-conscious travellers, you will be able to save money in spring by:

  1. Finding plentiful camping at lower costs
  2. Embracing shoulder season discounts on attractions and tours

The best destinations in Australia to visit in spring include:

  1. Margaret River in Western Australia is famous not only for its wineries and surfing but also as a prime spot for wildflower viewing.
  2. The Grampians in Victoria offer a fantastic hiking experience, with trails lined with wildflowers.
  3. Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory; the comfortable weather and full waterfalls are picture-perfect at this time of year!


It’s Time For Your Road Trip In Australia!

With so much to see and do, it can be hard to decide what is the best season to visit Australia! So do a bit of research, see what events and festivals are around, and have an idea of the types of activities you’re keen to do on your holiday.

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Ready for your motorhome holiday in Australia! Start your adventure today and call our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485 or check out our website to see the campervans we have available at our branches!