Campervan Roadtrip Packing Checklist


Before you set out, make sure you’ve packed the following items:


    Regardless of the season, you should always pack a variety of different clothing options for your Australian campervan holiday.  For more information on Australia’s seasons and the kind of weather, you may encounter during your trip, see our Weather and Climate page.


    Whether you’re exploring a city, a desert or a tropical rainforest, be ready for sightseeing excursions by preparing a day pack consisting of


    Don’t let a minor illness or injury ruin your road trip! By packing a first-aid kit and stocking up on some basic medication, you can enjoy your holiday without having to make any unplanned detours to a chemist or doctor’s office.


    Who says you can’t enjoy a little pampering while travelling? Toiletries are essential for keeping comfortable on the road, and if you’re trying to make the most of your campervan’s storage space, they can be purchased in compact travel bottles.