How to Explore Australia on a Budget

Don’t let cost stop you from setting off on the road trip adventure of your dreams! With some mindful budgeting and clever planning, you’re sure to make your money go further on your holiday. Keep reading for our top tips on how you can experience Australia without breaking the bank!

See the Country … While on the Road

cheap campervan hire can save you thousands on your Australian vacation. The average cost of a hotel in Melbourne is $100 for a 4-star hotel. On top of your hotel fees, you will likely have to rent a car to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Australian east coast.On the other hand, budget campervans can be as little as a third of the cost of your hotel room, per day. Cheap campervans hire allow you to have a place to stay under the stars every night and move from place to place on your own schedule. You can plan to road trip the entire East Coast exploring Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. You can also rent large campervans and split the costs between as many as six people.


How to Explore Australia on a Budget

Plan Your Stay to One Area

Many new travellers to Australia don’t understand just how vast the country is. Australia is massive, and you likely won’t be able to see everything in only one trip. To avoid the costs of flying from one area to another within the country, choose a region, and stick to it for your entire trip. For example, the East Coast is beautiful, with lots to see and do. And budget campervans can take you up and down the coast for an affordable price.


Free Camping

While RV and campervan sites are quite affordable, you should try your best to sprinkle in some free camping sites into your travel itinerary. Websites such as offer up-to-date information on free campgrounds. However, even the paid sites can cost as little as $20.


Cheap Food

Food isn’t a cheap expense in Australia. However, you can definitely reduce your food budget with a few simple steps. Firstly, by renting a campervan with a kitchen, you can cook some (or all) of your meals. Simply drive up to a local supermarket or farmer’s market and purchase enough produce for several meals.

Another hot tip is to get takeaway from the Chinatown in Melbourne or Sydney. Chinatown is full of delicious food, large portions, and reasonable prices.

Lastly, don’t fall for the ordering expensive beers and cocktails at restaurants. Go to a liquor store and enjoy a refreshing beverage on the roof of your campervan in your RV park.


Skip the Zoo, Go to the City Park

In many cities in Australia, the parks are beautiful and free. Choose this over the zoos or aquariums, which can be expensive. Make sure to check out the Domain and Hyde Park in Sydney or the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne.


More Free and Cheap Activities

Fill your trip with activities that are fun but affordable. Some suggestions include spending days at the beach, visiting National Parks, museums, galleries, and local festivals.


How to Explore Australia on a Budget

Travel During Off-Season

Avoid the crowds and the increased flight fares by booking your vacation outside of the peak season. For the Australian East Coast, avoid trips from December to February, which is considered peak travel season.


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