Australia Travel Essentials: Do’s And Don’ts For An Amazing Trip

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, you’ll want to get familiar with the do’s and don’ts of travelling in this beautiful country. From respecting the local culture to being aware of the unique wildlife, this comprehensive guide will help you make your trip across Australia enjoyable and hassle-free!


Do Research And Plan Ahead

Do Research And Plan Ahead

Before travelling to Australia, it’s essential to do your research and make a plan. Things like local customs, campsite etiquette, road rules, and safety are things you’ll want to add to your list of research topics.

To guarantee yourself a hassle-free holiday, you’ll want to have an itinerary (as detailed or as vague as you like) and make all your bookings ahead of time. This way you won’t miss out on any of the things you want to do and you won’t find yourself without a place to stop for the night.


Do Respect The Local Culture And Customs

Australia is an incredibly diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, so make sure you know how to respect the local culture and customs. Take your time to learn and listen. This isn’t something you want to rush. As an added bonus, by showing respect for the local culture, you’ll give yourself a more fun and authentic holiday experience!


Do Take Precautions For The Unique Wildlife


Do Take Precautions For The Unique Wildlife

Australia is known for its unique wildlife, including iconic kangaroos, koalas, and various species of snakes and spiders. While a lot of animals won’t give you a second glance, you should still take precautions. Get familiar with jellyfish stings, snake bites, or animal attacks. Whilst you’re unlikely to have any encounters, it doesn’t hurt to know what to do in an emergency.


Do Explore The Diverse Landscapes And Attractions

One of the best things about travelling in Australia is the incredible diversity of landscapes and attractions to explore. From the Gold Coast’s stunning beaches to the Outback’s rugged beauty, there is something for everyone.

Take the time to research and plan your itinerary to make sure you don’t miss out on any must-see destinations. Whether you’re into hiking, surfing, wildlife spotting, or simply soaking up the sun, Australia has it all!


Don’t Underestimate The Size And Distances In Australia


Don’t Underestimate The Size And Distances In Australia

Australia is a big country, so don’t underestimate the driving distances when planning your trip! Rookie travellers make the mistake of trying to fit too much into their day, only to find themselves spending most of their trip on the road instead of enjoying new cities and destinations.

So prioritise a few key destinations to explore, rather than trying to see everything in one go – and don’t forget to give yourself a few rest days to avoid burnout. Remember, Australia is a country that rewards slow travel, so take your time and enjoy the journey!


Don’t Litter

Australia is a beautiful country, but it won’t stay that way if we leave litter and mess everywhere we go. Take a few seconds before you hit the road to make sure that you haven’t left anything behind.


Don’t Ignore Water Safety


Don’t Ignore Water Safety

Australia has plenty of amazing beaches, but you have to be mindful of where you are. If you’re at a patrolled beach, you’ll need to swim between the flags and be cautious of strong currents. These can even catch an experienced swimmer off-guard! If it’s a lake or a river, first check for any signs that might be trying to warn you. Still in doubt? Ask a local.

Of course wildlife is another thing you’ll want to watch out for. Jellyfish, crocodiles, and other unfriendly marine life are not the type of people you want to swim with.


Don’t Mess With The Wildlife


Don’t Mess With The Wildlife

Even if it’s cute, don’t touch it! Aside from receiving an unexpected scratch, bite or worse, you may disrupt the animal’s habits and teach them bad behaviour.

Admire them from a safe distance instead, and don’t feed them – even if they give you a hopeful look. We know it’s tempting but, trust us, it’s what’s best for them.


Don’t Neglect Hydration

Dehydration can be a huge problem in some parts of Australia, especially in the Outback. It’s easy to get caught up in your and forget. So keep a full water bottle on you at all times and make sure you’re drinking throughout the day.


 Don’t Forget Insect Repellent Or Sunscreen


Don’t Forget Insect Repellent Or Sunscreen

Two of the most important things to add to your Aussie survival kit! Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, especially at night. Bring yourself a handy helping of insect repellent to keep them at bay.

Sunscreen especially is essential in Australia! It only takes a few seconds to apply, and it’ll save you a lot of pain in the long run. No one wants to spend a week of their holiday being horribly sunburnt and miserable.


Don’t Ignore Fire Warnings

Unless you want to get yourself slapped with a fine, make sure you check online for any local fire bans. Still not sure if you’re allowed to have a fire? Ask the person in charge of your campsite. They’ll be able to tell you without a doubt.

Whilst you’re at it, be aware of bushfire warnings, especially during the summer months, and follow the advice of local authorities if there is a fire.


It’s Time For Your Australian Holiday!

Now that you know the what’s what of Australia’s do’s and don’ts, it’s time to start planning! Give yourself some time to research any of the blank spaces – it also doesn’t hurt to refresh your knowledge on the things you do know.

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