Is it expensive to rent a campervan in Australia?

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. There is so much of the beautiful continent to explore. It can feel overwhelming planning a trip and only getting the chance to see a few landmarks. Renting a campervan is an affordable mode of travel that will allow you to cover as much of Australia as possible. In fact, renting a campervan in Australia can work out to be cheaper than renting out a car. And, it involves less planning to top it all off!

How a Campervan Hire Saves You Money

The average cost of a hotel in Australia is $163 for a one night stay. If travelling in a group or as a family, that number can double or triple, as your group needs more rooms. Conversely, a campervan hire will often cost less than one-third of that price per night.

Additionally, unlike hotels, your average cost for the campervan hire Australia will decrease the longer you rent it. Consider planning trips that span from a week to a couple of months. Choosing a campervan may allow you to have a vacation that is twice the length of your standard holiday due to the savings. Or, will enable you to explore twice the distance.

With a cheap campervan hire, you don’t have to plan out every single day. You have the flexibility to make changes to your route as you wish without cancelling hotels and incurring cancellation fees. Maintain control of your trip and don’t feel rushed about missing your check-in or check-out times and incurring hotel fees.

Most campervan hires also come with a small kitchen. You can save a lot of money by cooking some or all of your meals in the van. The average cost of meals per day for one person in Australia is $40 per day. If on a week-long trip, a duo could eat even half of their meals in, they would save themselves $280. If they eat all of their meals in, that is approximately $560 in savings. Savings like this ensure you’re in control of your spending as you drive through the beautiful landscape of Australia.


Additional Saving Tips

While already an affordable option, there are some steps you can take to save yourself even more money on your campervan rental Australia. You are guaranteed to get a cheap motorhome hire if you book in advance. Book as much as up to three months before your trip to receive early-bird pricing.

A campervan hire is a great travel option for friends, couples, and families of all sizes. Get the right type of vehicle for your group, so you don’t feel cramped. Also, don’t over splurge on space. If you’re travelling as a pair, you don’t need to get the most massive campervan available to you. Save money by choosing the right vehicle size for your group.

Many reputable companies offering campervan and motorhome rentals in Australia will provide a price match guarantee. Customers can find a campervan hire with Cruisin Motorhomes Australia. And, if you bring a better price, Cruisin Motorhomes Australia will match it every time.

Lastly, choose a budget-friendly company but make sure they have a solid reputation. GoCheap Motorhomes is a budget campervan and motorhome rental company in Australia offering affordable packages for campervans and motorhomes of all sizes. We have branches in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. Clients are given the most affordable rates but still have access to luxury perks, such as 24/7 roadside assistance. Or, check out Cruisin Motor Homes and Crusin Tasmania for more cheap campervan hire options.